Neway among the tops of Europe! 

Wow! We are insanely proud to announce our first European Design Awards – it's a BRONZE! It is a pleasure and an honour to be among the tops of Europe.

To be among the top design agencies in Europe is one of the biggest possible recognitions in the field of design and is shining proof that our work here at Neway is world class. More than 1400 works from 34 countries were submitted to this year’s European Design Awards, which took place for the 13th time. 

Project: Ganttic website
Category: DIGITAL, Promotional Site

This year we celebrate our 15th birthday. Along the way we have developed our very own 6-stage work method. It has a nice nickname – “The New Way”. Crafted with care and ambition for over 14 years, our way of doing things helps us create meaningful brands, memorable experiences and reach the desired entrepreneurial ambitions. We use design thinking and service design as strategic approach. With every project, we bring growth-oriented changes to life.  

Jaan Naaber, Founder and CEO of Neway, says that the key to Neway’s success is consistency, attitude and our positively restless creative team. “Our strong foundation is built upon an amazing team with knowledge, diverse skillset, immense experience, ambition and passion.” Our diverse teams with expertise in strategic, graphic and digital branding work together to provide our clients the toolbox to make their next big step. We are the filter, who helps sort out the unnecessary and focus on what’s really important, and the accelerator the client needs to bring their growth-oriented changes to life.  

Global works, local hearts

While most of agencies in Estonia have gathered around Tallinn, our heart remains in our home town Tartu, the City of Good Thoughts. We have proven that Tartu is the perfect environment for a world-class office, where we can make even the most ambitious ideas happen. Half of our projects are international and that’s a clear indicator that we are moving in the right direction. We are trusted by small family businesses as well as large corporations, start-ups and non-profit organizations.

Our strength is the desire to dig deep into every project to reach and understand the core of the challenge. Digital designer Riho Lill says: “Every project has to be visually comprehensive, bold and attractive”.  And he adds that it has to support the story, goals and values of every brand and organisation. No two projects are the same in the same way, that no two companies are the same. When asked, what is the biggest motivator for him, he smiles and says proudly: “I can be a part of the project from start to finish. I do not take part in one single stage, but take responsibility for the entire process as well as the final outcome. Each day is different than the other and every project is approached with relentless desire.” 

There are more than 200 brands in our portfolio, used daily by more than 100 million people across the world. We have won numerous awards, voted among the most reputable agencies in Estonia. Our hearts and minds are creatively restless since 2007!  

Cover photo: Estonian Design Center

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